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For Her

For Her

Girls are God’s special creation on earth. Their feminine tenderness, aplomb judgment and sheer devotion is something which the world cannot progress without. Hence it is of utmost necessity that girls are given a space devoid of any restriction from the dominating male society. Our College gives us this fresh beginning towards liberty and freedom. It’s like we have earned wings to express our issues, demanding justice and having equal say in everything.

" Here in  Budge Budge Institute of Technology, we girls have been given our much needed own space. First coming to the basic requirement, we have got nice, big, airy, clean and hygienic toilets, with 24X7 water supply, waste bins and mirrors. Next we have female teachers as the mentors for the girls. We have a period every week for this mentor session where we can share our problems and needs without any hesitation. So there’s nothing to be suppressed about anything. 

We have a separate Girl’s Common Room to sit and relax with indoor games like carom and table-tennis. We have a large and neat open air badminton court for girls as well. And coming up-next is the basket-ball court. In our annual sports too we have equal no. of events for both boys and girls. All the girls participated with a lot of enthusiasm and won loads of prizes.We also have other events like Viswakarma Puja, Fest, Teacher’s Day and more. And every where we, girls get an equal opportunity to organize, give new ideas and to participate." Our College provides us with a college bus service as well. The college bus picks up students from different routes of the city to the college campus and then back home after college. This bus service really helps us, the day-scholar’s to travel safely and comfortably; and our parents can also be free of tension for our security. Lastly but most importantly our faculty and management are all very helpful and generous. They are always there to praise us when we excel and help us whenever in need. This new dimension for the female have not only boosted us but also provided us with the necessary confidence required to take up the gauntlet. It’s a pride that we are no more under the umbrella of male chauvinism. Thanks to our college, BBIT – without which our liberty and freedom could have been but a distant dream...... "


-Nayab Tazeen Siddique
4th Year, ECE Dept.