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PSO1 To provide students with goodbreadth of knowledgein mathematical, scientific, computing and basic engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, analyze and solve hardware/software engineering problems and/or also to pursue advanced study or research.
PSO2 To educate students with proficiency incore areasof Information Technology and related engineering so as to comprehend engineering trade-offs, analyze, design, and synthesize data and technical concepts to create novel products and solutions for the real life problems.
PSO3 To instill in students a sense of highprofessionalism, to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects and diverse professional environments, needed for a successful professional career and relate engineering issues to the society, global economy and to emerging technologies
PSO4 To provide our students with alearning environmentconsciousness of the life-long learning process, to develop effective oral and written communication skills and to introduce them to written ethical codes and guidelines, show leadership and entrepreneurship and exhibit good citizenship.