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Students' Achievements

Name(s) of the student(s) Achievements of Civil Engineering Students


Pratik Dutta, AheliSom,

BarnaliPatra and Ananya Bose


Won the 1st Prize in the INSTRIDGE Arched Structure Design Competition in I.I.T. KHARAGPUR, by defeating all the other contestants from many good colleges of India, in February 2018


Swarnadeepa Chakraborty &




University Toppers in Civil Engineering           


Bikramaditya Bar


Got selected for job in the prestigious Central Govt. Organisation DRDO




Filed patent in Structural Vibration Control Technology for his innovation   





Stood First in post graduate studies in I.I.T. Chennai




Got the app development job in BYJUS with salary of 9 LAKHS PER MONTH


Nilangshu Banerjee


Successfully completed his higher studies in GERMANY


UjjwalMondal and

Prem Kumar Shaw


Cracked the prestigious GATE Exam conducted by the I.I.T.s


Tirthankar Mukherjee,

Indranil Chakraborty and

Rainak Podder


Awarded with the3rd  prize in I.I.T.Kharagpur Tech Fest MEGALITH for their Cable-Stayed Bridge Model Presentation




Acquired the positionof Research Scholar in N.I.T. Patna 


Krishna Chandra Swain


Got recruited in the prestigious Central Govt. Organisation CPWD  


Srija Roy, Dibyendu Roy,

KaushikGhoshal and

Purbayan Ghosh


Pursuing higher studies & research in NITs and IIEST Shibpur due to their excellent performances in the highly competitive All India GATE Exam.


Arnab Choudhury


CrackedI.E.S. Indian Engineering Services Exam.