The College is offering the following courses in M.B.A. program

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BBIT introduced the MBA programme in 2011 under affiliation from Maulana Abul Kalam University of Technology (Formerly known as West Bengal University of Technology) and approval of All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) with the objective of creating a B School, that would focus on high class Managerial Education and Research. The department was subsequently renomenclated as BBIT School of Business. It adopts an industry driven teaching pedagogy, intended to convert input to readily employable output. It has state of the art infrastructure and classrooms specially designed for the purpose of grooming of students and conduction of in house Management Development Programs. The grooming process is based on aligning identified key variables using the Porters Value Chain framework with an action practice focusing on learning outcome oriented model in line with the industry expectancy.     


 Curricular Planning and Implementation

The social, economical and technological environments are rapidly changing and new opportunities are emerging, new threats are compelling the traditional teaching-learning system to change. B-Schools having the commitment of providing value oriented education need to be constantly updating their deliverables to meet the continuously changing requirements of the competitive environment. Organizations are searching for human resources who can adapt in this changing business environment and lead organizations to excellence while meeting the expectations of consumers. Understanding this BBIT and its School of Management has redesigned its student engagement methodology with focus on the use of balanced and rational teaching-learning process making their graduates as per requirements of the industry. We have taken support of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), through which we are being able to transfer more value added inputs in less time. Lecturer supported by ICT is used to transfer concurrent information on managerial training in less time. The students are gaining knowledge, developing skills and attitudes needed to face challenges successfully and meet requirements of organizations. Our teams of handpicked, well trained and experienced faculty members are extremely committed to direct their effort towards the directed educational chain. The figure below shows in a nutshell our teaching and learning process.