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Education is not just about getting degrees and passing examinations. It is an essential tool for the holistic development of human existence. It is the first step towards creating a good human being and a responsible citizen.

To ignite the budding engineers with creativity and dreams for nation building in the perspective of global challenges of competiveness and technological innovation towards man’s material welfare.

NESLETTER 2016-2017

The manner in which they are expected to learn may be a departure from the manner in which they are accustomed. They will not be passive recipients of information and facts...


Nischintapur, Budge Budge,
Kolkata – 700 137,
West Bengal, India
Phone : 033 2482 0676 / 0670
Tele-fax : 033 2482 0641
Mobile: 8420116666 / 23333



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